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 FilmFX Pro 2.5 For Adobe Premiere

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Mesaj Sayısı : 114
Yaş : 32
Kayıt tarihi : 04/09/08

MesajKonu: FilmFX Pro 2.5 For Adobe Premiere   C.tesi Ekim 25, 2008 6:07 pm

FilmFX Pro 2.5 For Adobe Premiere

FilmFX is the most cost effective way to get the expensive look of film on a video budget. It provides you with Color curves, Gamma control, Unsurpassed color correction and matching, Extensive grain parameters, Anamorphic wide screen conversion, Old Film effects, Gate weave for compositing and the list goes on.

Check out some of the great features of FilmFX!

Color Curves
Complete curve control over every primary as well as white. Unlike other programs, there are no limits. Each curve can be independently set with up to 256 points and solved as a curve or straight line.

Gamma Control
Individual gamma control of each channel lets you quickly and easily match the wider contrast curve of film.

Simulated 3:2 Pulldown and Telecine Options
Improved 3:2 Pulldown simulation gives your original 60 fields/sec video the soft motion of film.

Tint, Saturation and Brightness
As well as curves, you can adjust brightness, saturation and tint. Using the saturation controls you can also make duotone images. You pick the colors and let FilmFX easily make it happen. Sepia toned images have never been easier.

Letterboxing, Matted and Anamorphic
Be prepared for the widescreen future. The letterboxing controls allow you to matte an image or squeeze an image from a16:9 original.

Multiple Grain Layers and Styles
We're not just talking noise here. This grain is properly added to your image to produce a realistic and natural grain balance.

Gate Weaves and Rolls
Our Gate Weave allows you to simulate the motion of film as it travels through the projector or telecine machine.

Highlight Diffusion Glows
Don't compromise your original footage using stockings over the lens to get the soft look of film. Our Film Glow enables you to do it in post by adding a realistic diffusion to your footage. Leave your Pro Mists at home. The animated settings also make it easy to add quick flash frames glows that make very hip transitions.

Old Film Scratches, Dust, Stains. and More
Dozens of settings give you the control to make realistic old film. Whether you want the look of neglected home movies or vintage news reels, FilmFX2 has got you covered.

Fast Rendering
No need to wait hours for the look of film. With FilmFX 2, a single Pentium II can easily render complex presets in less than 2 seconds per frame. If you own an Alpha based machine, its even faster.

Unlimited Resolutions
Don't pay more because you need higher resolutions for film output. While others may charge you twice as much for the ability to do film size images, FilmFX 2 works wonders on small web based streaming video as well as film images greater than 4K and everything in between.

Over 70 Spline Animated Controls
All of the numeric controls in FilmFX 2 are timeline animatable with our custom spline edit controls. Each keyframe may be individually adjusted or move the whole line at once.

Over 50 Preset Film Stocks
Don't feel like learning all of the controls You don't have to. We've included dozens of preset stocks for you to choose from as well as some special effects settings to give you a taste of what FilmFX can do for you.

24 Bit SubPixel Accuracy
All of the effects in FilmFX 2 are rendered with 24 bit sub pixel accuracy. This means that even the smallest movements of the images or changes in elements like scratches have a very smooth and realistic appearance.

download: FilmFx.For.Adobe.Premiere.Pro.2.50.keygen-SND.rar

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FilmFX Pro 2.5 For Adobe Premiere
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