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 Falgoon Information System Integrated Scheduler v2.19.315 WinAll

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Kayıt tarihi : 04/09/08

MesajKonu: Falgoon Information System Integrated Scheduler v2.19.315 WinAll   C.tesi Ekim 25, 2008 6:11 pm

Integrated Scheduler is not only a scheduling system but it has many unrivaled features and flexibility for your every day need. Integrated Scheduler is the next step in streamlining your schedule. Your appointments and to-do list show up right on your desktop, eliminating the need to open a separate window to check your schedule. It’s also Vista Ready!

*Appointments Scheduler - Integrated Scheduler can record your appointments, you can control all the item directly. The reminder window pops up each time you have a upcoming event in your schedule. It can work as a musical alarm, can play any mp3, video or display any pictures which will help you to remind even if you are not at your desk.
*Universal Calendar - Calendar of all the years starting from 1 A.D. Write your daily notes in the calendar, you can use it like your daily diary. Get alarmed with any special days, display special days or notes in the desktop wallpaper. Print Calendar on A4 size paper.
*Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - Fully customizable monthly calendar on the desktop wallpaper which will also show special day, holyday and day note/message, birthday on the desktop wallpaper.
*Address Book - Very easy to use and convenient Address Book. Send e-mails to any contact with only one click. Import all the contacts from your windows address book or outlook contacts. Get alarm at contacts’ birthdays.
*Shutdown Timer - Shutdown, restart, logoff or hibernate the computer automatically at a specified period of time. It can also prevent from standby or hibernate automatically in that period. User is given 20 seconds warning before the actual shutdown.
*CPU and Memory Information -See the performance measure of your computer. Display CPU usage in graph, Resource available, Physical memory usage, Virtual memory usage, Page file usage.
*Hotkeys - Turn your keyboard to a multimedia keyboard. It is possible to increase or decrease volume, open or close CD Rom by any defined key. This program will automatically close the CD door if you mistakenly keep open on windows shutdown. Open 3 different applications by Hotkey.

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Falgoon Information System Integrated Scheduler v2.19.315 WinAll
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