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 Vista Of manager of v2.0.0

Aşağa gitmek 

Mesaj Sayısı : 114
Yaş : 32
Kayıt tarihi : 04/09/08

MesajKonu: Vista Of manager of v2.0.0   Çarş. Kas. 26, 2008 5:12 pm

Left the new version of program- optimizer for Windows Of vista. It includes more than 20 utilities, intended for accelerating the work of system and increase in its stability and safety. Program issues detailed information about all components of computer and about the neglected processes.

With the aid of Vista Of manager it is possible to accelerate starting and completion of the work of system, to produce the search for the unnecessary and duplicating files and to move away them, to correct errors in list, to conduct [defragmentatsiyu] of list, to open system renovations and reports about the errors. In addition to this, are accessible many operations, connected with tuning of the exterior view of the system: it is possible to change the content of contextual menu, to dispose the notifying communications, to assign the automatic change of wall-papers. It optimizes work with the network.

Utilities are divided into several categories, according to their general purpose:

it reflects detailed informations about the system, and also the apparatus components; it helps to learn the list of the [installyatsionnykh] codes for the products from Microsoft; there is “[odnoklikovyy]” master for cleaning of the system

it makes it possible to accelerate the starting velocity and completion of the work of system; monitoring physical resources is produced; apparatus guarantee for the total acceleration of work is tuned; it can turn off some services; to restore the work Of internet Of explorer, and also some other system components

it searches for files or folders (duplicates, garbage etcetera), which it is possible to remove, and to thus free additional place; is produced cleaning list and it corrects incorrect values; produces [defragmentatsiyu], and the repeated indexing of list for decreasing the time of the response of applications; it can move away the programs established in the system

Personal tuning:
control of automatic start Windows; the editing of contextual menu; tuning working table, panels, menu launching, warnings, headpieces and backgrounds; the automatic replacement of the background of working table on the condition

tuning working table, control panel and safety Windows; the making more active of many concealed system options; the concealment of devices, including disk divisions; prohibition to the starting application; the coding of files;

the optimization of Internet- connections; control of folders with the open access; the search for the open ports in the system; tuning Internet Of explorer; the reserve copying of given into Outlook Express; the automatic check of references in that selected; the sending of communications to other users of network, [alya] of netsend

Other utilities:
mapping system utilities and their starting; remote control; the application of visual styles to the programs; tuning the time of access personally for the stock-taking records of system.

Size: 5,7 Mb

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Vista Of manager of v2.0.0
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